Lean In Michigan Leadership Conference

Register Now for the Lean In Leadership Conference, which will be held on Saturday, October 28 and will be an information-packed afternoon to help you be your best you at work and at home. With out outstanding keynote speaker and 10 breakout sessions, you won't want to miss the Lean In Leadership Conference.  

The concept of Lean In (based on Sheryl Sandberg's best selling book of the same name) is to encourage women to ‘sit at the table’, to seek challenges, to take risks and to pursue their goals with passion. Lean In encourages both women and men to support women in leadership positions (whatever level it may be) – both to reach that leadership position and to thrive upon appointment.

Our elite keynote speaker is Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss. There will also be 10 information-packed breakout sessions.

Please join us for an information packed afternoon.
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Thank you to our very generous sponsors!
Recommended dress is snappy casual.

Sign up online by Friday, October 17.